Stefan Bauer
Developer and Creator of, a simple website monitoring.
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Hi, I am Stefan Bauer. I'm a Developer, Team-Leader, UI/UX Enthusiast and Bacon-Lover. I live in Germany, Munich and I love PHP and great Design works. I am a big fan of Laravel, Symfony, VueJS and TailwindCSS. Using one or the other just depends on the requirements of the project.

Currently i am building @pingpingapp, a easy to use monitoring SaaS Application for everyone. You can follow me on Twitter to be part of my daily work. I will share everything i know.

Additionally to my todays work, I co-founded and developed Invoice+, a SaaS Billing Application based on PHP and ExtJS.

At my fulltime job, I work as IT Software Leader at Tarifhaus AG, sells cheap and fair mobile contracts to anyone.

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