Hello, that's me!

— Creator, Author and Consultant

My name is Stefan Bauer. You'll find me on Twitter at @stefanbauerme. I'm a full-stack developer, entrepreneur, UI/UX enthusiast and bacon-lover. I live in Germany near Munich and I love PHP and awesome design. I am a big fan of Laravel, VueJS, InertiaJS and TailwindCSS - in short the LIT stack from the early stage. I decided to create a new category here which is called Tips'n Tricks where I will try to share quick wins for the every day work.

In the end of 2018 I built @pingpingapp, a simple and affordable monitoring SaaS application for everyone. I started to build it in public where I created a journal about it. For several reasons it's a commercial product.

Some weeks before Laracon EU 2019, my buddy Bobby Bouwmann and me decided to write a book called Laravel Secrets where we share everything we know about the hidden and undocumented secrets of the Laravel framework.